About Me

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Looking for inspiration? Solid proof that you aren’t the only one that feels crazy and overwhelmed by life and all that comes with it? Me too!

This site features my current teaching schedule plus links to my favorite projects including:

solidsexystrong.com – My blog featuring my musings on life, love and finding your true self plus published writings.

–  Soulié – My social enterprise, founded in 2013 after seeing a lack of ethically and transparently produced artisan products in the yoga industry. A challenging and ever changing undertaking that focuses on creating high quality, artisan made products that make the world more beautiful, while preserving ancient cultural and craft traditions.
We began with a few yoga bags and straps, but have grown to include beauty filled, handmade items not only for your yoga practice, but for a conscious lifestyle and home as well. Learn more about Soulié at renee-soulie.com.


– wanderfull365.com – My travel blog with stories of adventure from all over the world (Nepal to Africa to Antarctica) written between 2011-2014.

My writings and other previous publications can be found in the mix above or in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine and on  yoganonymous.comelephantjournal.com and wanderlust.com.